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Bearcub Gallery

Every now and then, I find myself asking what is the best way to spend an evening. I am still searching for an answer, but spending a couple of hours at Bearcub Gallery, and looking at some great artwork for free, comes pretty close.

If you haven’t visited the latest event by Bearcub Gallery, I strongly recommend it to you. Not only is the artwork presented amazing, but the ensemble of talented artists is breathtaking.

The name of the event is “The Ark”. That’s right, the idea is more or less the same as what Noah had in mind. Each artist was presented with a challenge to come up with two artworks promoting a red listed endangered animal, in the hope of raising awareness of their plight. The people at Bearcub Gallery have not missed a note; it’s all there, from Louis Masai’s sentimental and innocent painting of tigers, to the dark stencil creations of Snik depicting the now endangered gorilla.


Fraser, Richard and Charlotte, the curators and organisers of the show, have done a marvellous job with this gallery. When I talked to them, their passion was transparent, and it was easy to see how much work they had put into this event.

I feel like I should also mention the work of the wildcard Matt Crump. I must confess his artwork of Turtle Power was immaculate. His collage was a maze of a thousand tales, that in the end told a rich story in so many ways.

Chemical X, the headliner of the event, also had two works on display that shared the same sense of irony and humour of his previous work Love and Death & Taste the Rain. For those who are not familiar with his work, he uses ecstasy pills, and not just one or two. It is his favourite element to convey his message. True to spirit, his work is only priced at £5 per pill. At least you know what to do with the artwork when you want to make an unconventional connection to it.


Photos to follow very soon!

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Love_is-_the_Drug_(sq)Before you read this article I want to tell you that this is unlike anything you ever heard or seen, so never ever attempt doing it as your own work or spend bulk of money buying such works pecially when they turn out to be illegal.


An exhibition has been axed from a London gallery because of fears that the artworks featured thousands of illegal drugs.

The Ecstasy of art showcase-which features two pieces made up of more than 12,000 multicolored tablets was supposed to go on display Soho this week.

The work by the artist known as the Chemical-X were pulled at the last minute after the gallery had to consult lawyers who were concerned about the legal implications of using illegal drugs.


The artist Chemical-X is known for the designing the ministry of sound logo more than 20 years ago, having worked with people such as Snoop Dogg, DJ Paul Oakenfold as well as brands such as Disney and MTV.

One of the works that was supposed to be featured “Love and death” 6ft skull and cross follows an asking price of 100,000 and the other work the multicolored piece called Taste the Rainbow is on sale for 75,000 were supposed to go on display but apparently Chemical-x has been asked to look for other venues.


Director of the galley Lawrence Alkin said “we were under the understanding that they were fake. He said this week they are not fake. We spoke for our solicitors and we can’t have anything illegal in our galley”.

He also said;”I am disappointed but I am not surprised because I was not really sure that the art republic were going to go through with it right to the very end, but I understand their position”.


The thing worrying about the artworks were that fact that are constructed in the way that the actual tablets were sealed  inside the artwork itself, so you would have to destroy the pieces to get them and you could go and buy those things for much less.


Mr Wood land also added the purpose of the work was to challenge people’s perception of the drug. He added; “it’s your perception as how you value them”.


Therefore all this would mean that the perspective buyer would be given the option to replace the tablets with fake ones and that would be something critical.

Chemical-X however is currently looking for other London venues to stage the exhibition but he says that if he is unable to find one he will look at holding it in either Bristol or Amesterdam.



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carne-5London-based artist Carne Griffiths has been renowned for his art of drawing, calligraphy ink, graphite and conventional art liquids, such as tea, brandy, vodka and whisky, in a way that he draws and then manipulates his drawings into flowing natural patterns.

Carne’s images explore human portraits in floral forms in a figurative and abstract sense. His work is base on the flow of lines as well as the ‘invisible lines’ that connect us to the natural world as he believes. These lines somehow are meant to represents flow of energy or spiritual connections between us and our surroundings, therefore his work can be interpreted as an emotional response to the everyday life images which capture our eyes consequentially and form our human frame of mind.

Some people refer his work as a dream-sequence that are formed from a recorded every day dream like sense being illustrated on paper bringing elements of escapism, nostalgia and wonderment. These notions get rid of the importance of physical boundaries and offer a sense of isolation to the viewer in order to share and exploit our inner realm.

Crane newly released work called Trailblazers currently exhibited in Hong Kong demonstrates multi-layered portraits include his usual material of  sketch such as floral and geometric flourishes made from coffee, tea, ink, brandy, and vodka.

To accompany the exhibition the artist also produced a new set of limited-edition postcards available through Etsy where you can shop them online.


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The photo you see had been titled as the Nasa’s photo of the day taken from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that was photographed in November of 2012 by the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera, this is a photograph of a hurricane nearly 1,250 miles wide on the surface of Saturn.

The spinning vortex of Saturn’s north polar storm resembles a deep red rose of giant proportions surrounded by green flora in this false-color image from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Measurements have so far seized the eye at about1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers) across with cloud speeds as fast as 330 miles per hour (150 meters per second).

The great thing that has amazed everyone about this particular Saturn Hurricane is that it is nothing like our earthly terrestrial hurricane as there is no ocean underneath and it is only locked on the North pole of the Saturn.

This image views Saturn’s North Pole captured by Cassini’s imaging cameras. When the spacecraft first arrived in the Saturnian system in 2004, it was northern winter and the North Pole was in darkness. Saturn’s North Pole was last imaged under sunlight by NASA’s Voyager 2 in 1981; however, the observation geometry did not allow for detailed views of the poles. Consequently, it is not known how long this newly discovered north-polar hurricane has been active.

The Cassini–Huygens is a robotic spacecraft launched in 1997 for the purpose of studying Saturn. Since arriving in 2004 the orbiter’s mission has been extended twice. It most recently studied the Great White Spot, a massive storm that occurs at roughly 30 year intervals that is so large it can be seen from Earth with a simple telescope.


There are still a lot to be discovered about the new found North Pole spring hurricane of the Saturn. You can visit Nasa’s direct report here for more detailed information.