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I recently read an article about gender dysphoria in The New Yorker. It was an interesting report on the life of kids with gender identity disorder, however the article’s main focus was on middle class children in liberal parts of the US and there was no mention of children from poorer backgrounds. It was intriguing to see how people’s attitude towards gender identity and sexuality has drastically changed. As a result, children with gender identity disorder have an easier life being who they want to be. There was also an interesting point on the dangers of giving sexual identity to children too early, while they still do not have a clear understanding of their sexual identity.  Even the main focal point of the article, a sixteen year old boy called Skyler, did not have a clear understanding of his sexual identity while he firmly believed he was supposed to be a boy in a biological sense.  As gender transition surgery is permanent, a change in heart after surgery can have serious psychological consequences on the person.  Read more at The New Yorker.