Chemical-X Drops ecstasy art, London venues drop Chemical-X “175,000 exhibits won’t go...

Chemical-X Drops ecstasy art, London venues drop Chemical-X “175,000 exhibits won’t go on display”,,,

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Love_is-_the_Drug_(sq)Before you read this article I want to tell you that this is unlike anything you ever heard or seen, so never ever attempt doing it as your own work or spend bulk of money buying such works pecially when they turn out to be illegal.


An exhibition has been axed from a London gallery because of fears that the artworks featured thousands of illegal drugs.

The Ecstasy of art showcase-which features two pieces made up of more than 12,000 multicolored tablets was supposed to go on display Soho this week.

The work by the artist known as the Chemical-X were pulled at the last minute after the gallery had to consult lawyers who were concerned about the legal implications of using illegal drugs.


The artist Chemical-X is known for the designing the ministry of sound logo more than 20 years ago, having worked with people such as Snoop Dogg, DJ Paul Oakenfold as well as brands such as Disney and MTV.

One of the works that was supposed to be featured “Love and death” 6ft skull and cross follows an asking price of 100,000 and the other work the multicolored piece called Taste the Rainbow is on sale for 75,000 were supposed to go on display but apparently Chemical-x has been asked to look for other venues.


Director of the galley Lawrence Alkin said “we were under the understanding that they were fake. He said this week they are not fake. We spoke for our solicitors and we can’t have anything illegal in our galley”.

He also said;”I am disappointed but I am not surprised because I was not really sure that the art republic were going to go through with it right to the very end, but I understand their position”.


The thing worrying about the artworks were that fact that are constructed in the way that the actual tablets were sealed  inside the artwork itself, so you would have to destroy the pieces to get them and you could go and buy those things for much less.


Mr Wood land also added the purpose of the work was to challenge people’s perception of the drug. He added; “it’s your perception as how you value them”.


Therefore all this would mean that the perspective buyer would be given the option to replace the tablets with fake ones and that would be something critical.

Chemical-X however is currently looking for other London venues to stage the exhibition but he says that if he is unable to find one he will look at holding it in either Bristol or Amesterdam.