Coffee, Tea, Ink and Liquor Unusual Material for Carne Griffiths’ portraits

Coffee, Tea, Ink and Liquor Unusual Material for Carne Griffiths’ portraits

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carne-5London-based artist Carne Griffiths has been renowned for his art of drawing, calligraphy ink, graphite and conventional art liquids, such as tea, brandy, vodka and whisky, in a way that he draws and then manipulates his drawings into flowing natural patterns.

Carne’s images explore human portraits in floral forms in a figurative and abstract sense. His work is base on the flow of lines as well as the ‘invisible lines’ that connect us to the natural world as he believes. These lines somehow are meant to represents flow of energy or spiritual connections between us and our surroundings, therefore his work can be interpreted as an emotional response to the everyday life images which capture our eyes consequentially and form our human frame of mind.

Some people refer his work as a dream-sequence that are formed from a recorded every day dream like sense being illustrated on paper bringing elements of escapism, nostalgia and wonderment. These notions get rid of the importance of physical boundaries and offer a sense of isolation to the viewer in order to share and exploit our inner realm.

Crane newly released work called Trailblazers currently exhibited in Hong Kong demonstrates multi-layered portraits include his usual material of  sketch such as floral and geometric flourishes made from coffee, tea, ink, brandy, and vodka.

To accompany the exhibition the artist also produced a new set of limited-edition postcards available through Etsy where you can shop them online.