Full Evaluation on Pro Evo 2013; “the great arcade soccer game”

Full Evaluation on Pro Evo 2013; “the great arcade soccer game”

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In order to evaluate PES 2013 fundamentally, I thought I also bring into discussion other competitive growing soccer games along in order to make sense of exactly where it stands.

There are basically 3 comparative soccer games in the market right now; Fifa 13, PES 13 and football manager which is not a soccer game in my opinion as you don’t get the option to play any game so we cross it out to be left with only EA and KONAMI.

The purpose of this long article is because when it pertains to a soccer game Pro Evo normally gets the least scores of media evaluations and often underappreciated as an unknown or less known entity despite possessing a considerable number of its own followers.

Considering my passion for the great sport of soccer I have always been deeply analytic over the games made on this sport like many of you reading this with great attention and watched their developments throughout the years in terms of realism, features, physics, graphic modes and all the rest of the aspects that make just any computer game a great time-waster on earth.

1349378803_pes2013maz2I believe that rivalry is critical in development of everything especially the gaming industry throughout the past 20 years in order to get to the level of where it stands today.

In terms of games of football, this rivalry is getting more vibrant and dynamic than ever to my notice as it is steadily taken to some insane levels of competition between KONAMI and EA.

PES and FIFA each represent a completely different approach to a soccer game both in terms of mechanics and graphics.

I have no intention to draw a full comparison between the two as I don’t find it useful since EA is already known to the most gamers and has been loved for the formula that has got them more successful than PES.


Briefly studding FIFA 13 this year; I would say that it is a massive game. FIFA dominates the whole market, media and maybe its own manufacturer EA SPORTS. In terms of the sales it swallows PES right away and creates a hologram of features and modes in which you can immerse through.

FIFA has every team under the sun, every stadium, incredible and extensive range of control manuals (such as shooting, passing and wizard skills) plus the new added features of managerial modes and getting called for a national team as a player or as a manger as well as viewing an incredible looking grass.

Simplifying my words on FIFA, it is a hardcore game, always going a hardcore route and produces hardcore fans that are always committed to it.

FIFA is a hardcore game because it satisfies its fans that way and it is genially about going hardcore.

ENG-Corner-Kick-This is exactly where I think we can bring PES into our discussion.  PES for many years has been looking up ways to find its own route and offer different feels about playing soccer to its fans. In all honesty for many years they has been weak, arcade, robotic and in search of a way to offer an alternative.

After 2010, KONAMI changed their graphic engines and upped the game to a whole different new level. PES changed from an unplayable arcade and robotic game into a more fun and a kind of mix of realistic arcade game.

It certainly became optional for the sake of competing with EA. Their huge move impressed many and made many to switch. That evolution of the new era continued until the new release of PES 13, the third version of its kind.

The route that KONAMI found in order to attract fans with different taste of the game was to go an opposite direction to EA and try to be soft core, straight to the point and creating an atmosphere of mix of arcade and realism which might feel more fun to play in for fans of its own kind.

pes2013 PC Main menuThat is almost the key core of our argument here about PES 13. KONAMI is going down totally a different route to represent a football game.

In other words, KONAMI has chosen to focus more on reaching perfections on the areas of their strengths instead of being hugely extensive and diverse.

If I was to describe this game in one sentence I would say that “PES follows the laws of physics better in a game-play”.


Elaborating my point; PES is purely about the actual game-play, offering a realistic game play in the sense that it is very random and alternative; the physics engine of the players and their body contacts with each other are designed brilliantly in a way that not every little body contacts are whistled as foul and not every through balls are ruined by offside decisions all due to the new control systems in which you are not responsible for controlling only one player at the time but the shape of  your entire team, in a very articulate and not confusing way. This is all a part of more the new feature “Full Command attribute” in a more technical term; a tool that gives players full independence of movements and characteristic.

“””PES offers a very competitive game play without being too complicated.”””

KONAMI has created a balance in its game-play where it is very competitive without possessing too much of extensive manuals that might ruin one hour of gaming once in a while for people preferring to only kick the ball round and have some fun without ever having to bother with too much details.

The game has a realistic feel; you cannot do ridiculously strange staff and score hugely astronomical goals using some secret wizard formula like Grand Theft Auto so that you don’t get to screw up a friend yours online by some magic wizard tricks that you have mastered. You can be the most direct and ordinary and yet get to win matches as long as you are organized and disciplined.

Skill moves are all in there but you have to work to produce them by putting your players in good positions, they don’t just come naturally in your play and need to be implemented accurately.

pes-2011-zoomed-cameraCondensing all that, PES offers a very down-to-earth and psychology based play (with adding components to  make your opponent team respond in the way that you prefer whether you are playing a possession-based or counter attacking football) ,that way the realism of your game is dramatically enhanced and the game becomes fairly competitive.

Other aspects of the game this year involves going back to some of the very old and fun PES routes where you have to implement “early crosses” in order to get any targeted heads in the box. PES 13 also takes into account factors like: rage quitting, disconnect rate, completed matches and fair play tendency and it introduces a new set of mechanics for both attack and defense and gives players more control when it comes to movement and first touches.

The game this year also involves increased manual control on passing and distributing the ball around due to the added feature of dynamic initial touch that requires you to implement lots of long through passes and airy deliveries in order to break your opponent up. This feature initially might make the ground based players angry, but after awhile it all becomes fun when realizing that football involving long deliveries over the pitch is actually much more effective just like reality.


Going through some of the cool features of PES 13 menu this year briefly;

  • Football life involving money, transfer market and currency which is a typical Pro Evo feature but this year it also involves the normal league cups taking you through a weird story mode in which you have to register fully as a manager and take hold of the entire aspects of running a team (for example Arsenal in the English league) in order to complete your seasons  “bearing in mind you get the option to close the other team’s transaction off to keep everything in your control”,
  • Stadium creator that offers not a wide variety of tools but enough to let you create your desired Arena and kick the ball around it.
  • Champions league, Europa and Copa Santander leagues in which everything feels just reality.
  • Getting some weird nicknames from the game after completing each rounds of competitions regarding your levels of performance like El tigre, Abatino, The Glass Ace, Footbal freak or even The White Witch Doctor and many other.


But there is still a big question of why PES 2013 despite offering a brilliant game-play, it still repels many.

Skipping through the game it only takes a while to discover the potential drawbacks in the Pro Evo needing to be improved.  Pro Evo 2013 does not give a good first impression to anyone attempting to make a switch to and that largely casts a shadow over its goodies. Going through some of its negatives;


  • Still lacking of licenses
  • Premier league “it is almost a point of disaster in the game that its Premier League is not on its right place.
  • Lack of stadiums
  • Lack of game demos
  • Weird old habits of KONAMI such as player lipsing at the start of the game making players looking like zombies
  • Disorganized nature of the game in some areas such as not giving a player its full potential by the various editing options available on players such as INDEXes which is a nice feature to give each player different football characteristic in relation to the position and nature of his play but not having set them automatically that makes a big difference in the overall experience of the game-play but can be adjusted manually.
  • Commentating, in that sense it is not too bad but it is a bit cliché and robotic
  • Lacking Asian and MLS teams


GC_UCL02Evaluating all that, KONAMI believes that more features do not necessarily make a game better they are focusing on being what they are good and that is fair enough but there are fundamentals lacking in the game. Every year those drawbacks cost the company much.

In this article I tried to be purely honest about my overall experience of the Pro Evo 2013 and hope I covered any unknown aspects of the game that had been remained less noticed both in terms of positive and the negatives of the game. KNOAMI with their new version of Pro Evo has announced a comeback over its rival by going down a different route and pleasing their fans with a different taste about representing a soccer game and it has done a fairly decent job in my opinion, but the main question is that will it at last manage to create real alternative for other gamers to come and join in and start occupying more portion of the market from the EA???

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