Noah Kalina Updates his Self-Portrait Video Everyday!!!

Noah Kalina Updates his Self-Portrait Video Everyday!!!

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noahNoah Kalina is a photographer and a video artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Noah Kalina has been taking a self-portrait each day for the last 12.5 years as part of his aptly titled Everyday project.

Six years ago a video chronicling six years of his self-portraits known as “Everyday” set to music by Carly Commando took the internet by storm encouraging people all around the world to embark on similar self-portrait projects.

Recently Kalina released an updated video containing some 4,500 photographs shot from January 11, 2000 through June 30, 2012. Here they are all at once.


Every day is viral video art produced by Noah Kaline since 2000 featuring thousands of self-portraits over the period of six years taken sequentially.

The purpose of such art work still remain unknown to the most renowned art communities and artists, but I guess the whole point of art is pointless and the whole purpose of such work from Noah is to represent pointlessness. That is basically the only artistic analysis I can have on such piece of art.

the other analysis over such piece is that it represents aging, changing or a maybe a sense of decay in time by viewing the everyday human life in the most direct and simplistic manner that follows a graph of age from youth to death. a graph that climbs to it climax and descends to zero at some point.