Paige Bradley, “Human race is a singular individual”,,,

Paige Bradley, “Human race is a singular individual”,,,

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Paige Bradley is a trained American sculptor living in London. Her art is more or less figurative and based on twisted and stretched human bodies in quite extraordinary and symbolic behavior.

Her work stands out as classic art in an era where abstract and conceptual sculptures are preferred and favored over figurative.

evolution_defaultAs she describes she tends to focus more on liberations and tensions because they signify human race only as a singular individual.

Her magic in figurative art is to bring modern elements of representing human form and spirit to a classical art form such as bronze sculptures in order to signify mixed feeling of human libration, evolution, time, consciousness, balance and spirituality.

She believes that Bronze is one of the most dynamic materials to work with and standing next to bronze pour feels like flying next to sun.


A shiny example of those description is one of her most work named “The Ribbon of Hope and Courage” that was donated to St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota in 2012 and was suspended from a 15 feet glass-walled room;



One of the main things that she cares about in her work as she describes herself is the space around which she works. She believes that Crowding, darkening, weighing down Space around us is absolute torture to the creative soul and that largely devalue and misrepresents her work and as she quotes “that is absolute torture to a creative soul”.

In other words she is not the kind of artist who leaves her work just anywhere because she believes that this is the space allowing you take the positives from a sculpture.


Other good example of her recent work is called expansion as you see it below;