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Mr. Holmes

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Mr. Holmes
Mr. Holmes

Mr Holmes, the latest film by Bill Condon (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), might not be a satisfactory experience for those who are avid fans of the world’s most famous sleuth. Holmes, played flawlessly by Ian McKellen, has long since left his Baker Street adventures. He is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and other physical deteriorations, while living in a small village called Seven Sisters in the south of England.

Holmes, who is now without Watson and his rather popularist approach to storytelling, has to write his own story and he is in this sense more like a writer who is facing writer’s block, than a famous detective with brilliant deductive abilities.

Other than the sublime portrayal of Holmes by McKellen, it is worth mentioning Carter Burwell’s composition, which serves as a requiem for the elderly Holmes, who has witnessed two world wars and is facing the end of the Victorian era with a sense of nostalgia.