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Bearcub Gallery

Every now and then, I find myself asking what is the best way to spend an evening. I am still searching for an answer, but spending a couple of hours at Bearcub Gallery, and looking at some great artwork for free, comes pretty close.

If you haven’t visited the latest event by Bearcub Gallery, I strongly recommend it to you. Not only is the artwork presented amazing, but the ensemble of talented artists is breathtaking.

The name of the event is “The Ark”. That’s right, the idea is more or less the same as what Noah had in mind. Each artist was presented with a challenge to come up with two artworks promoting a red listed endangered animal, in the hope of raising awareness of their plight. The people at Bearcub Gallery have not missed a note; it’s all there, from Louis Masai’s sentimental and innocent painting of tigers, to the dark stencil creations of Snik depicting the now endangered gorilla.


Fraser, Richard and Charlotte, the curators and organisers of the show, have done a marvellous job with this gallery. When I talked to them, their passion was transparent, and it was easy to see how much work they had put into this event.

I feel like I should also mention the work of the wildcard Matt Crump. I must confess his artwork of Turtle Power was immaculate. His collage was a maze of a thousand tales, that in the end told a rich story in so many ways.

Chemical X, the headliner of the event, also had two works on display that shared the same sense of irony and humour of his previous work Love and Death & Taste the Rain. For those who are not familiar with his work, he uses ecstasy pills, and not just one or two. It is his favourite element to convey his message. True to spirit, his work is only priced at £5 per pill. At least you know what to do with the artwork when you want to make an unconventional connection to it.


Photos to follow very soon!