Review and thoughts on “Isaac Newton: The Last Magician”

Review and thoughts on “Isaac Newton: The Last Magician”

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I have to say that I have actually been waiting for some years now in order for somebody to come along and make a short TV program about the great Isaac Newton who has never been fully introduced to the public.


My emphasis for that is simply due to the unknown hidden side of a man who changed our world for ever at the time when there was not even a particular name for the subject science and it was almost referred as “study of the physical world” and there was no academic knowledge whatsoever anywhere apart from the old inherited theories left from Aristotle. In other words Newton is referred as a man who bridged our medieval darkness era into the age of enlightenment in the history of human civilization.

Newton is a well complicated character like most geniuses of all time. In Isaac Newton; The Last Magician the core purpose of the program is to unveil the other side of Isaac as well as his rational and scientific mind. Of course to the general public Newton is recognized by the symbol of that famous falling apple that led him to discover gravity. To the more informed group of people Newton is known for his actual valuable work such as his work on the nature of light, inventing mathematics from scratch like calculus, calculating motion and creating mechanics and coming up with famous formula of Gravity that changed the course of humanity on earth once and for all.

Of course Newton’s theory of gravity still governs our world even though it does not explain gravity in greater depth like Einstein’s famous relativity and it does not cover some the very modern physics on the basis of extra dimensions, but it is still a building block of everything we base our modern civilization and technology upon and it is fully applicable in our planet and surroundings. Newton’s theories of motions is what derived humanity forward and led us to sent rockets into the space and explore the universe as we know it today.

These are well recognized by anyone having gone through Newton’s formula even with the slightest interest and understating of them.

Because of all these reasons Newton has always been recognized as a rational figure and a well established scientific mind whose work were based on pure rationalism and logic.

In this program the viewers get to see the other side of Newton that has been distinctly less noticed and perceived before in the mind of the public as a controversial figure.

It was in the mid nineties that his ever unread and locked away papers that he left in Cambridge before moving to London were found, sold and studied. In those papers a completely new side of Newton was revealed and surprised everyone by a large degree. Those papers were never published by Isaac at the time since he did not end up anywhere with them and could not come up with the rational conclusions that he came up with in his physical and real life studies studies.

The papers coherently reveled that Newton was first of all a very religious and illusive man; he spent a bulk of his time going through alchemy, ancient history of human civilizations and religious studies in order to help with his desired philosophical theories to explain the world though a kind of spiritual Christian perspective.


Alchemy plus his religious studies would allow him to explore the universe’s spiritual entity and the science of the inside as he believed; this way he would complete the other side of science in which the physical world and mechanical formula could not explain.with his alchemy he wanted to explore the idea of what’s so called “transmutation” an idea that suggests mass and energy are part of the same property and can convert just like anything in nature that converts, kind of like another version of Einstein’s Relativity that explains mass and energy are two sides of the coin. but he was in a way thorough he wrong channel of doing it and thought alchemy is the way to proceed that proposal.


He genially believed that there was a science of spirits and a missing link in our physical world that could connect us to the great lord Jesus Christ. For that reason he fooled himself into the belief that he is Messiah “the special servant or sender from God”.  His studies of bible were so accurate and from that he got to a new angle of interpreting Christianity that would almost count as heresy at the time.

Therefore the program intends to narrate a biography of him as being both “a hermit and tyrant, heretic and alchemist and maybe a rationalist and a believer.

That is what makes Newton as an individual a complicated figure, a figure that history has never seen of its kind.

During his life he had massive rivalries with the greatest thinkers of his time such as Robert Hook who initially rejected Newton’s published work and called them nonsense, but when Newton’s fame eclipsed him gradually and his work were approved by the scientific community of his time, Hook claimed that he was the first to come up with gravity years before Newton and Newton who did not share credits with anyone said he does nothing but to pretend and he is too poor a mathematician to even understand the calculations involved.


Newton had yet another twist to his bizarre personality nearing the end of his life. He eventually became man of power by becoming a Member of Parliament in Cambridge and even awarded a position at the tower of London to become the president of the Royal society. By then was the dominant intellectual in the world and that gave him the platform to reveal the nastiness and spiteful side of his character. With Robert Hook dying a year earlier He obliterated and burnt everything that he did, wrote and published. He left no portrait of him and wanted him out of the recorded history while ensuring his own presence  He treated all the other thinkers and famous astronomers of the time as his servants and not collies to collaborate with.

All of that made Newton a psychopath and a deranged mind in the eyes of the other thinkers. Newton was a man of rationalism and absurdity, Christianity and heresy, science and alchemy, visions and illusions or a genius loner but tyrant with the given power. a man of great contrasts. All of that was Newton.


He invented the formula to calculate the rate of change, invented telescope, pattern of a spiral shell, inventing projectile and calculus in maths to estimate the change in quantity, calculating and forecasting eclipse, explaining tides and most importantly his 3 famous laws of motion that explains how everything moves or in other words mechanics.

He also spent a bulk of his time on rubbish, absolute rubbish that he got nothing from and made him sleepless and melancholic that led to his nervous breakdown and he could no longer concentrate on new things due to the too much use of mercury. So he then turned into a man of authority when he could not think properly.


Many believe that Newton was actually the resemblance or the representation of the era that human civilization was stumbling on, an era of confusion from pre-history to modernism or darkness to enlightenment.  And in between all that Newton had full reasons to consider alchemy as a part of science and false notions as part of universal laws.

In one final sentence Newton was the Last Magician of all time and the image of falling apple form a tree has become the symbol of genius and inspiration.